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We create organic experiences.  We strive to create moments for you that are about you.  That help you, your team, and your organisation change.

Find out why people love us, why so many of them tell their L&D people that we ran their favourite workshop ever.  And how we consistently deliver lasting improvements in your people and their performance.

Hi. I’m Harry Key, and I’ve lived (and continue to live) a rather interesting life. From being a law clerk and bar back in Sydney, to 5 years as an actor in Bollywood, to market research, wedding planning, oyster farming, strip-joint bartending and labouring. Part of that is because I think the secret to life, and to being a good confidence coach, is about experiencing the variety of life. It means I can speak with comfort and authenticity to a wide variety of audiences.

In 2010 I gave up (most) of my scatterbrained, lack-of-career-focussed life and dedicated myself to finding ways of making other people more confident, happy, persuasive and easy to be around. And over the past 6 years, what I’ve found is that most of the secret lies in how we talk – to others and to ourselves. It is upon that which I base my work, helping people develop confidence, gravitas, impact; whatever you want to call it.

I think that we can make others more confident, not by coddling them and telling them nice things (far from it – I think that this can lead to people actually feeling worse about themselves). Not by the verbal version of cooing at them and patting them on the head, but in a wholly different way.

Firstly, from giving people skills, to help improve their posture, vocal projection, inflection, or the way they structure their thoughts into words; and then rather than being ‘nice’, following that up with a fair bit of humorous challenge. The push people out of their comfort zone, in a safe environment, is my greatest skill as a coach, facilitator, trainer – whatever they’re calling it this minute.

Through laughter and learning, people grow.

I’ve also written a book on the topic (with another on the way), called Speak For Yourself, it was published by Pearson, and it’s available on Amazon and on other odd occasions, in bookshops.

Ignite + always learning

We thrive on the ability to absorb knowledge. To know more and be able to do more, we become more powerful; more accurate in our predictions; more aware of our shortcomings; more able to act meaningfully in the world.  One of our core values is to develop the skills of coaching, learning and teaching within your organisation.  We are building a business for the goal of putting ourselves out of business: Of teaching people how to not need us any more.

Ignite is naughty

Recall one of those moments in your life in which you noticeably changed for the better.  You may notice the change over a span of time; yet often the catalyst will lie in a single moment.  Think of that moment – when you lost weight, landed (or created) a dream job, when you made a choice.  At the time, the catalyst was probably deeply unpleasant.  Perhaps even an argument. Some sort of shock. It was a challenge.  It pushed you so far you thought you were going to break, but you didn’t.  And now you look back and laugh. We’re naughty because it gives us a thirst for life. Because it works.  It makes us want to go to work every morning.

Ignite clients - selection

We are Ignite. We’re curious, we’re keen, and our clients are people like you

People who try to adhere to political correctness but sometimes think it’s crap. People who want to laugh, and try new ideas out, and find what works. Many of our clients are funky, in media and marketing and all that jazz, and fast-growing companies, often with a technical edge. People like you, who have a clear goal in mind and an appetite for risk. Usually, we get to know their business and their people and seek to create moments that can spur growth.

We get a room full of people swearing, shrieking, and laughing, and opening up to one another. Offering feedback, advice, friendship and healthy argument. Developing their abilities while instilling your organisation’s values – and sometimes even creating them.

We build and deliver entire packages – some, as yet, exciting and untested, some are currently creating amazing experiences for people to grow, and some we’ve abandoned because new, better, more effective ideas came along.