We’re so sure about what we offer, we may be willing to give you a taste. It’ll drive your people wild with desire to grow and change and learn more.

It will be their enthusiasm, and the results they get from it that’ll sell our training to you; and whichever bean-counter needs to give you the nod.

We want to prove we’re worth it – ‘it’ being sitting down and having an in depth-discussion about you and your company’s culture and needs.

Taster sessions

We don’t give these away, but have a talk with us. Let’s get a feel for how each other operate. We’ll see how we fit with your needs and your culture, and you can see how we get things done. We offer taster sessions on:

Flirting with success: A scandalous, fun and engaging session that puts the skills you use in your private life to use in your professional life. It allows participants to explore the full range of their presence, and their persuasive power, while laughing and having a load of fun.

Power of voice: Limber up your vocal cords, stand and deliver. This short workshop will help people be heard in meetings and presentations. Through projecting their voice like a confident person, people start to realise: That’s where confidence comes from – confident behaviour. Not the other way around.

Presence: A free-form session where we demonstrate our core value of flexibility. Bring us a room full of people who want to develop their presence, and ask them what they want – then give it to them. Here, anything can happen, and it’s usually pretty amazing.

Pitch the Pitcher

One of the recurring challenges we’ve encountered with workshops to pitchers is that the people who go on the workshop don’t get to choose who’s workshop they go on. When time is scarce, and deadlines loom, few of your elite teams wants to take time out to go on some course that someone else recommended.

So, if you a marketing, branding or advertising company or design agency; we’ll pitch our services to your pitchers. Let it be their decision whether to take our workshops or pitch preparation sessions. They’ll learn a few useful skills around asking questions, being enthusiastic and authentic; and then they’ll win the pitch.

Let’s chat

For an initial free consultation on our taster sessions, and how we can help transform your team, call us on + 44 (0)207 205 4250 or email

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