Igniite Speaking Excellence Programme

Get up, speak. Share your ideas. Win the work. Inspire your team.

Whether you are presenting to your own team, to people within your company, to external stakeholders or to potential or existing clients this course transforms your speaking.  

The Problem

You have great ideas.

But when you get up to share them, your leg starts to shake. Your voice quavers. Your mouth goes dry. “This is boring” you think to yourself, and you can see it in your audience’s eyes. They can’t wait for this to be over.  Or perhaps you’re okay at presenting – despite feeling nervous, people tell you that you looked quite confident. You’d just like to feel it when you talk.

We all have great ideas.

Unfortunately, it’s not the best ideas that are listened to, it’s those which are spoken loudest, clearest and put most persuasively that get listened to.

While this isn’t necessarily ‘unfortunate’ or ‘a problem’ – it may not be serving your best interests. As a company. As a speaker. As someone who must hear those ideas.

The Solution

Tell stories. Make your audience laugh – not because you told a joke, but because you’re funny. Speak loudly, clearly, and share your ideas in persuasive ways. Breathe, pause, order your thoughts and prepare what you’re going to say, while remaining flexible on how you’re going to say it.

Make your audience’s jaws drop. Make their eyes shine and hearts open. Find your passion within what you’re saying, and share that. Use metaphors, tell anecdotal stories. Relax. Smile. Change how your audience feel – for this is the heart of true persuasion.

This course will not turn you into a slick, professional presenter. I’m sorry. It just won’t. If anything, we spend more time training people out of that habit. Instead, we’ll help you infuse your presentations with your personality, making it more you and less presenter. 


As a participant, you’ll be doing exactly that: Participating. You’ll get up and have a chance to speak, to listen to others, offer feedback and hear the feedback of others. You’ll have an experience for trying new things, ways of projecting your voice, inflecting your words, and structuring your thoughts.

Because lets admit it – this isn’t just about how you present. This isn’t just about winning work or keeping people informed. Standing in front of people and talking is so terrifying because as a skill, it’s so important. Presentation skills invariably take you right to the core of who you are.

For the list lovers

We’ll cover:

  • Belly Breathing to feel calm and order your thoughts
  • Projection: Speaking from the gut so you can cut through the babble and be heard in a din
  • Developing your storyteller’s style:
    • Pace and Pause – letting people think for themselves
    • Modulation – telling a story with your tone
    • Inflection – making statements sound like statements, not questions?
    • Enunciation – speaking clearly makes thoughts sound clever
  • Storytelling
    • Structure – Get their attention, Change how they feel, Issue a clear command
    • Metaphor – Create images and inspire feelings that drive our behaviour
  • Preparation, both mental and practical
  • Delivery. Do it. Get feedback. Try it again, differently.

As well as these, the 2-day workshop will also cover:

  • Persuasion – Some tricks and techniques for dealing with interruptions and getting people on side
  • Dealing with difficult challenges, curly questions and interruptions
  • Visual aids: How to use them, how not to abuse them


Anyone. Everyone.

People who speak to groups of people. These workshops are hugely varied in length and style of delivery. They are customized to suit the needs of your organisation (are people presenting to their own team, to people within the company, to external stakeholders or to potential or existing clients). The workshops are further customized to suit who turns up on the day, and what they want from it.

  • Managers
  • Account managers
  • Creatives
  • Department heads
  • Senior Leadership

Send us people who have some form of presentation experience. They must understand that fear, the nerves, the excitement, embarrassment and victory of having presented their ideas in the past to really get the most from this workshop.

What are the options?

Good: 1-day workshop

Participants will gain an experience and understanding of breathing, vocal projection and clarity, and presentation preparation and structure.

Better: 2-day workshop

Participants will get multiple experiences in presenting, and gain an in-depth experience of what it is like to move people. Through the feedback from the facilitator and other delegates, participants will get a clear understanding of how they’re ‘coming across’ and ways to use their presence to their advantage. This workshop covers the same as the above, with the addition of visual aids and persuasion techniques.

Best: Design a programme with us

Rather than taking something ‘off the shelf’ (which none of our training is, even when it is), come and have a chat with us about the specific needs of your people, and your organisation. We can design something that doesn’t just fit ‘within’ your company’s culture and needs, but actually instils it in what you do.

Why? If you’re a marketing agency, what you really want are workshops on pitching for work, and once you’ve won it, ways to ask questions to understand the client’s needs, then persuasion and presentation flair when you’re showing them the finished (or hopefully finished product). Let us know what you want and we’ll build something with you.

Next steps

For an initial free consultation on how we can transform your speaking, presenting, and connecting, call us on + 44 (0)207 205 4250 or email