Nailed it: Ignite Pitching Workshop

Knock their socks off

Confidence, fluency, fluidity and cohesion – if you can pitch, as a team, and demonstrate these skills, you’ll win the work. Pitching well has a huge impact on your bottom line, so it’s well worth the investment.

The Problem

You get so caught up with what you’re presenting, you don’t spend quite enough time preparing how you’re going to present it. You forget that pitching for work is more about building rapport, and demonstrating your ability to listen and take feedback, and focus a little to much on talking. Talking too much, too fast, and without the conviction you really do feel.

Then, lost in the details of your ideas, you mistake energy for enthusiasm and blast your potential clients with ideas.

They nod, smile, and thank you for your time.

You sometimes win the work. You rarely feel you pitched as well as you could have.

The Solution

Prepare – develop your story, do something different. Have a pitch that you’re not nervous about, but exciting to give. Have so much fun that the clients can’t help but be infected by your enthusiasm.

Catch their attention – with your presence, with your ideas, with your sheer determination to be the best.

Land the deal. Go out to a fancy bar. Get drunk. Tell stories. Laugh. Cheer.

Rinse and repeat.


Be the metaphor. If you’re selling engagement, excitement, and provocative ideas, then you must be engaging, exciting and provocative when you pitch. Show, don’t tell. Start strong.

Develop a strong rapport. How you are as a team will have a huge impact on how your work is received. A team’s rapport has just the same effect as a speaker’s confidence: If a team seem to get on well when they present, that tells us that they can handle challenges – and subconsciously it makes us want to be a part of that team.

Change how people feel. Avoid getting stuck on details, on facts, and on ideas. Focus instead on using those facts, those details and ideas, to change how people feel. Make them happy, make them excited, make them laugh, and most of all, make them afraid of missing out.

Tell stories. Facts rarely convince us of anything. Pitches are like job interviews. Everyone says they’re dedicated. Everyone says they’re a fast learner. How do you convince someone? Tell them a story. Make them understand how dedicated you are, how imaginative you are with your ‘out of the box’ thinking. Again, show don’t tell.

For the list lovers

  • Presence: Be the answer.
    • Breathing, walking and talking in a way that exudes confidence
    • Maintain a presence of mind to be ‘in the moment’ with your pitch
    • Deal with questions, interruptions, and challenges with poise
  • Storytelling
    • Structuring your pitch: Attention, Emotion, Action
    • Create ‘sticky’ mental pictures that move your audience
    • Flair – learn to ‘let yourself go’ and really deliver those stories with style
  • Persuasion
    • Cognitive biases and how they allow us to be influenced
    • Create a compelling call to action
    • Asking questions, listening, and using their ‘power words’

 What are the options?

Pitch Prep: 4-hour intensive pre-pitch session

You’ve got your pitch ready to go, you just want someone to work through it with you, polish it up, tighten the structure, give the anecdotes some sparkle, and give you the confidence to deliver your material at your best.

Part of this workshop is also about giving over control to someone else, which (believe it or not) can work wonders for developing rapport with your team, and imbuing your audience with confidence in your ability.

In this we’ll focus on whichever elements need attention the most – basically looking at whatever will give you the biggest bang for your buck in the time available.

Pitch Workshop: 2-day, 6-12 people

We’ll develop your pitching skills from the ground up, focusing on how you deliver, what you deliver, and find ways for you to find and embrace your own engaging style.

This will involve a lot of feedback, so you can get ample opportunity to hear how you’re being received and focus on making those little tweaks which will take your pitching ability to the next level.

We’ll also focus on pushing you out of your comfort zone, testing your ability to improvise and deal with tricky questions, so that when you do deal with those prickly clients, you can answer their challenges, and answer intelligently with poise and good humour.

As part of the workshop, you’ll be divided into teams to prepare and deliver a pitch back to the group, which will be filmed and you’ll be able to keep and review.

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