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Develop yourself. Develop your business. Lead with influence and charisma.

Simply put, you can use this program to transform yourself into THE leader others want to follow. Some people can just walk into a room and they exude charisma – successful, charismatic leaders have a deep understanding of the individual, and group behaviours of both leaders and followers. To enable you to gain that understanding and succeed as a charismatic leader Toby McCartney provides you with an in-depth understanding of both leaders and followers while preparing you to apply what you learn to both your personal and professional life.

The Problem

You want to be seen as a leader.

But are people taking you seriously? Are people listening to your ideas? You often walk into a room and lose your confidence or become unsure about what you are contributing. You watch other people climbing the ladder and wonder whether now is your time. You are part of the average. You ask yourself, how do they get to that position?

Perhaps NOW is your time…

But the skills that those above you have seem to come so naturally to them. They can communicate effectively. They have charisma. They manage their emotions and even seem to have fun in their job.
As someone with the potential to reach the top, perhaps NOW is your time…

The Solution

Develop concrete ways to use non-verbal techniques and group dynamics to benefit everybody you interact with — especially yourself!

Learn how to manage positive ‘state’ and transform yourself into THE leader others want to follow.

This course will turn you into a positive influencer in your group. It’s guaranteed to provide you with communication skills beyond any you have seen or developed before.


As a participant, you’ll be doing exactly that: Participating. You’ll be learning and developing yourself through experience. Be prepared to take part.

Because lets admit it – this isn’t just about how you communicate. This isn’t just about who you influence. you will be developing yourself and your ‘style’ in life. Learning and practicing the latest innovations from Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the science of non-verbal communication. This is an intensive and comprehensive training.

For the list lovers

We’ll cover:

  • Benefits of Non-Verbal intelligence
  • The different models of communication
  • Credibility vs approachability
  • The art of maintaining emotion
  • Using language to influence and persuade
  • Listening to what’s not said

As well as these, the 2-day workshop will also cover:

  • Part II language to influence and persuade
  • Eliciting values and beliefs in sales
  • Charisma – the how to guide


Anyone. Everyone.

People who want to climb the ladder. These workshops are hugely varied in length and style of delivery. They are customised to suit the needs of your organisation. The workshops are further customised to suit who turns up on the day, and what they want to gain.

  • Managers
  • Account managers
  • Creatives
  • Department heads
  • Senior Leadership

Send us people who have some form of management experience.

What are the options?

Good: 1-day workshop

Participants will gain an experience and understanding of the different communication styles and how to develop a style that best represents their outcome.

Better: 2-day workshop

Participants will get multiple experiences in non-verbal communication and the art and science of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Best: Design a programme with us

Rather than taking something ‘off the shelf’ (which none of our training is, even when it is), come and have a chat with us about the specific needs of your people, and your organisation. We can design something that doesn’t just fit ‘within’ your company’s culture and needs, but actually instils it in what you do.

Why? If you’re a marketing agency, what you really want are workshops on pitching for work, and once you’ve won it, ways to ask questions to understand the client’s needs, then persuasion and presentation flair when you’re showing them the finished (or hopefully finished product). Let us know what you want and we’ll build something with you.

Next steps

For an initial free consultation on how we can transform your communicating, influencing, and delivering, call us on + 44 (0)207 205 4250 or email