Ignite your leadership: We develop authentic engaging leaders, performing at their best

Take a moment to think about a leader in your organisation. Someone that stands out and makes a difference.

Other than their position, what is it about them that marks them out as a leader? What values, behaviours, and skills do they have?

At ignite, our leadership framework recognises excellence, delivers on potential, and transforms your people and your bottom line.

In today’s hyper-challenging environment, rhetoric, box ticking, and pointless team building exercises involving building a raft out of 4 sticks and a balloon aren’t doing anything for your leaders or your leadership team.

Our approach is to use the latest proven research on successful leadership, providing your leaders with the knowledge, skills, confidence; and above all experience to get these applied in your organisation.

This is no one size fits all. Our programme is as individual as your leaders, and can cover any of the following areas:

  • Leading change
  • Developing self and other awareness
  • Developing leadership vision, values and behaviours
  • Developing personal resilience and influence
  • Selecting and retaining talent
  • Building and leading high performing teams
  • Creating an environment of mentoring and coaching. Always learning.

This is a learning and doing programme. We offer a range of diagnostic tools to build self-awareness, experiential learning, intensive business coaching, and the right balance of challenge and support in order to transform the leaders ignite work with.

Our 6 step leadership programme design is:

  1. Assess your needs, goals, and objectives and outcomes
  2. Design a custom programme based on training needs analysis and desired changes
  3. Deliver a programme, with content adjusted to suit learning styles, learning modules, practical experiences.
  4. Evaluate the programme content and impact (Kirkpatrick model and Bloom’s theory)
  5. Skills that stick, revisiting learning outcomes and follow-up to identify changes in behaviour and skills and embed learning.
  6. Continued coaching, support and resources

Next steps

For an initial free consultation on how we can help with your Leadership Skills Training challenge, call us on + 44 (0)207 205 4250 or email

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