When dodging the discussion is no longer an option.

Relax. With a few techniques to calm yourself down, and a few more to deliver your message assertively and with empathy, those situations won’t seem nearly so difficult.

The Problem

Having difficult conversations is, well, difficult. The temptation to avoid them is strong – and sometimes they’re unavoidable; and putting them off can often make the problem worse. That’s okay. This is natural. Relax.

The Solution

This workshop will help you recognise and manage your emotional state, so you can remain calm (or calmer) under pressure. With feedback techniques and work on how you project and inflect your voice, you can handle even the most difficult situations with confidence.

Part of the process is understanding what’s happening within your body, and mind, when these things arise. Being able to recognise, and minimise your body’s ‘fight, freeze or flight’ response is key to getting the most out of a situation. Once mastered, you’ll find that your mind can focus on positive outcomes, you can breathe and think, and deploy techniques which will be likely to lead you to them. When you can keep smiling, breathing and speaking calmly, you’ll find you can resolve situations so that you not only maintain rapport with someone, but in some cases, become closer with them as a result.

The session will create a safe and friendly environment in which you will be challenged and laugh, and you are guaranteed to get a lot from it. But if you don’t, well, I guess it’s not like you’re going to tell us that, is it?


As a participant, you’ll be doing exactly that: Participating. You’ll get up and have a chance to speak, to listen to others, offer feedback and hear the feedback of others. You’ll have an experience for trying new things, ways of projecting your voice, inflecting your words, and structuring your thoughts.

Because lets admit it – this isn’t just about how you present. This isn’t just about winning work or keeping people informed. Standing in front of people and talking is so terrifying because as a skill, it’s so important. Presentation skills invariably take you right to the core of who you are.

For the list lovers

We’ll cover:

  • Understand the physical processes that occur when dealing with difficult situations.

  • Develop behavioural and mental strategies for minimising your emotional responses

  • Learn and be able to deploy effective feedback

  • Understand and be able to deploy clean language

  • Feel comfortable and confident taking on challenging situations

  • Remain mindful of how self-talk patterns may be making the situation worse (and are the key to making it better)

  • Breathing, projection and inflection: In order to feel confident, first you must sound confident.


This session is excellent for anyone who has to deal with tricky clients, manage up, broach difficult conversations, or approach difficult situations, or wants to develop their self awareness and emotional intelligence.

What are the options?

Bite-sized session:

3-hour session, 6-18 participants. It will be experiential – not chalk-and-talk (as with all our training!).


Next steps

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