Igniite Creative Excellence Programme

Be more innovative. Generate big ideas. Inspire creativity in others.

Give your organisation a competitive edge by adopting new ways of working that deliver consistent creative excellence.

This experiential workshop will surprise and challenge by providing opportunities to think, create and communicate in new and unexpected ways.

The Problem

As grown-up professionals, we’re expected to deliver consistent results.

The trouble is, that creativity has nothing to do with consistency and the expected. Like the Spanish Inquisition, nobody expects creativity. It leaps out of nowhere, it shakes things up and it instigates change. And as a result, creativity in the workplace is usually about as welcome as a 16th century Jesuit priest baring thumbscrews.

The way in which we work limits our potential to be creative as a result. We simply do not allow ourselves to be creative.

The Solution

Have you ever been in a room full of executives and no one says a word? Complete silence?

Shut up for a minute and think about it.

We often imagine creativity in the workplace to be about meetings, with people talking loudly, interjecting excitedly and competing with each other for attention. And yet, true creativity often happens in moments of peace and quiet. Maybe when you’re in the shower, or going for a run, or packing the kids’ lunchboxes, or listening to music, when suddenly a possible solution just pops into your head.

Talking can so easily become a substitute to thinking. That’s why this workshop is conducted in complete silence. Seriously. Silence. Not a word is uttered. If you want to learn to speak, go elsewhere. (Actually, don’t go far, because we have some excellent courses for speaking too!)


In order to make yourself heard while remaining silent, lateral thinking is required. Precisely the kind of lateral thinking that is at the heart of creativity. The format of this workshop forces you to get creative.

In this session, instead of talking, we communicate by drawing. Not observational drawing, which can take some practice, but conceptual drawing. Through a series of fun, thought provoking and progressively more challenging tasks, your visual thinking will come to life, and new ideas will flow.

For the list lovers

We’ll cover:

  • Reliably and consistently accessing your creativity and applying it in a business context
  • Effective approaches to ideation
  • Evaluating and refining ideas
  • Communicating and expressing yourself visually
  • Bringing out your own personal visual and spatial metaphors to express yourself clearly and influentially


“Some of us are creative, and some of us are not…“
Wait! What? That’s nonsense! We are all creative in our nature, or at least we have the potential to be. It’s simply a matter of how we go about it.

“I can’t draw”
Everyone can draw. Even people who think they can’t. All drawing on the course is conceptual, not observational. Artistic flair is not as important as the clarity of your ideas. So you won’t need to be the next Leonardo Da Vinci.

The workshop is designed and facilitated by Graham, a deaf trainer. It’s suitable regardless of your hearing ability, but if you try to cheat and use speech, he won’t listen to a word you say.

“In other words…”
If you’re looking to be more creative at work, this course is for you.

What are the options?

Good: 1/2-day workshop

Participants will have the opportunity to solve a variety of problems using different creative approaches, all conducted in silence.

Better: 1-day workshop

The morning session encompasses the half-day workshop described above. During the afternoon session, in which talking is allowed, we cover creative best practice and creative ways of working at an individual, group and organizational level.

Best: A bespoke session

All of our sessions are bespoke. We adapt our training to suit the needs of individual participants on the day.

In addition, we can prepare a session plan entirely tailored to your organisation. This will normally involve an on-site meeting in advance of the training, to learn more about your organizational culture and discuss your specific requirements.

Next steps

For an initial free consultation on how we can transform your creativity, presence, and innovation, call us on + 44 (0)207 205 4250 or email