Speak up, be heard (stop being a part of the herd)

In meetings, when you share your opinion, offer a solution, or give your two pennies, you ought to be listened to. Otherwise, why are you there? It’s tempting to say ‘they should listen’, but it’s not useful. Instead, make yourself heard.

The Problem

You share an idea. Nobody listens.

Two minutes later, the person sitting next to you says exactly the same thing.

Everyone listens. They get all the praise.

Perhaps your voice isn’t strong enough, your voice not clear enough, or your inflection makes you sound unsure of yourself. Maybe your perpetually waiting for your turn to speak.

You start to get fed up with work. You dread meetings. Maybe instead of sharing them, you email your ideas to everyone after the meeting. We hate that person.

The Solution

Speak loudly. Speak clearly. Inflect your voice so that you sound like you know what you’re talking about. Learn how to interrupt, interject, and hold your ground.

Learn persuasive ways of dealing with loudmouths, naysayers and fault-pickers.

Prepare your ideas, or come up with them on the spot – and structure them so that when they’re heard, they sound so obvious or amazing, everyone else is kicking themselves for not having said that themselves.


This workshop will make you feel uncomfortable.

The trouble with not speaking up and sharing your ideas is that you’re usually just doing whatever feels comfortable. Safe. Familiar. We might dress that up as being ‘polite’, but what started out as ‘letting other people speak’ has lead you to feel uncomfortable hearing yourself speak too loudly. And now, underneath not being heard is not really wanting to be heard.

While this programme will share some techniques for dealing with challenges, and structures for presenting your ideas in persuasive ways, the focus will mainly be on pushing you out of your comfort zone, in a safe environment, so you may hear how you sound when you’re certain, and need to be heard (like when you’re angry, except without making you angry).

When you hear yourself speak in that way, with a voice that is strong, in sentences that sound certain, speaking ideas that must be heard, you’ll be hooked. Being heard can be addictive.

For the list lovers

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Voice projection
  • Vocal clarity
  • Managing your emotional state
  • Gravitas: How to sound like you know what you’re on about
  • Persuasive ways of presenting ideas
  • Techniques for handling challenges, interruptions, distractions and loud people


People who spend their lives in meetings and don’t feel they’re having as much impact as they’d like


Next steps: 

  • Career coaching
  • Always learning
  • Storytelling
  • How to argue well
  • Mentoring programme
  • Leadership Development Programme

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