We work with you, to bring the best out of your people

Ignite deliver change. By recognising excellence, delivering on potential, and providing your team with the knowledge, skills, confidence and above all the experience they need to perform.

We run workshops, leadership programmes and offer coaching which develop interpersonal skills, resilience, and emotional maturity.

We focus primarily on leadership, presence and communication, because we could do a lot of things, but we’d rather do a few things, and do them well.

Before you read about them – it’s probably important to know that we’ve never delivered any of them the way they’re written here. Our clients all have different needs, different cultures, different people and different goals. Talk to us about yours.

Ignite Speaking Excellence

Speaking Excellence

Get up, speak. Share your ideas. Win the work. Motivate and inspire.

Whether you are presenting to your own team, to people within your company, to external stakeholders or to potential or existing clients this course transforms your speaking.

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Manage your mates

Be their buddy and their boss.

You want to be liked. We all do. But we’ve also got work to do. This course will help you find ways to manage interpersonal conflict and become the kind of boss you always wished you’d had.

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Ignite Manage Your Mates

Nailed it: Pitching a pitcher

Knock their socks off

Confidence, fluency, fluidity and cohesion – if you can pitch, as a team, and demonstrate these skills, you’ll win the work. Pitching well has a huge impact on your bottom line, so it’s well worth the investment.

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Always Learning

Trained by the best. You.

This intensive program will take the cream of your organisation, your best salesperson, your best account manager, your best leader, and turn them into trainers. That’s right. They’re learning from the best, changing your culture, and saving you money.

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Ignite Always Learning
Ignite Being Heard in Meetings

Being Heard in Meetings

Stop waiting for your turn to speak.

In meetings, when you share your opinion, offer a solution, or give your two pennies, you ought to be listened to. Otherwise, why are you there? It’s tempting to say ‘they should listen’, but it’s not useful. Instead, make yourself heard.

Don’t wait for a pause in conversation, butt in and ask us about being heard in meetings

Storytelling and metaphor (in business)

Tell stories that move people

Make a point that leads to action. Don’t list bullets, use powerpoint, or bore them with dry rhetoric, logic, or lies damn lies and statistics.

Tell compelling stories. Engage, persuade, and most importantly – by changing how they feel, get people to act.

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Ignite Storytelling Metaphor
Ignite Flirting With Success

Flirting with success

Flirting skills… You’re kidding, right?

No. We’re really not. Many of the skills we deploy in our private lives are invaluable, if only we’d use them professional realm.

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Difficult discussions and situations

When dodging the discussion is no longer an option.

Relax. With a few techniques to calm yourself down, and a few more to deliver your message assertively and with empathy, those situations won’t seem nearly so difficult.

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