Please note: This is NOT a workshop on how to flirt, it’s a workshop on how social skills are transferrable to influence and impact in a professional setting. We also run the same workshop under the less provocative title of ‘Presence and Persuasion’.



It improved every aspect of my communication. Building emotion into a story. Structure. Honest feedback during practice.

It’s tough, and uncomfortable, but makes you comfortable in the future. I love this approach, the perfect amount of practical work.

Very helpful, constructive feedback…honesty, got me thinking about all aspects of my presentations.

I would 100% recommend this to anyone that has to present. Enjoyed every bit of it!

Both Harry and Sundeep are great speakers, and you like them straight away.

Great for anyone handling stressful situations and in need of building confidence…Great characters!

Loved it! I felt involved in everything today…the interaction with the group, there was no point I felt bored…This course is fun and 100% found new ways of doing things.

Really supportive course, (not the usual role play stuff). Harry and Sundeep offer really constructive feedback.

I’ve embarked on several types coaching over the years , with different levels of success, but the one on one sessions I had with Harry have been the only thing that’s had any significant long term impact on my day-to-day working life.

Harry has a completely different approach and style – the sessions were packed with exercises that pushed me way out of my comfort zone, but always with a purpose (even if it wasn’t immediately apparent at the time).

I still regularly refer back to things we covered in our sessions now and I often spot small changes in my behaviour that have happened as a direct result of our sessions together.

My previous experience of coaching is that it often felt great and inspiring at the time but was then quickly forgotten with little or no long term effect. So its my pleasure to personally (and highly) recommend Harry Key to any business or individual looking for coaching in this area

I liked the language used and the playful manner it was delivered.

Was taken out of my comfort zone with the exercises, but it worked for the purpose.

The course was very good and informative.

Throughly enjoyed the experience.

Charismatic and personable trainers. Loved their personal stories and examples to illustrate techniques.

Good use of practical exercises to practice techniques.

Really useful content.

Great combination of personalities, there was a balance of ‘action’ and clever analysis.

I received very insightful feedback about issue perceived by me, good food for thought.

Sundeep is a brilliant presenter and trainer, he explains things clearly and in order, making sure his audience is engaged the whole time.

He brings himself to each talk he gives, making it personal and meaningful so you know that you get a real level of honesty and authenticity that is missing from some the speakers we see today.

Sundeep also has an amazing ability to give people helpful feedback that allows them to propel further and he genuinely cares about peoples positive advancement in their lives.

Sundeep will enrich any environment in which he is placed and I can’t recommend him enough.

Every so often in life you come across someone who you really connect with, and who has a subtle yet significant impact on your life, and no matter who you talk to you don’t seem to find anyone who says otherwise.

That person for me is Sundeep Sidhu. He is thoughtful, warm, kind, sensitive, cheeky, funny, intelligent and dynamic. He has the rarer ability to inspire and motivate change, and create opportunities for you to have a personal breakthrough without any effort.

Once you meet him I am sure you will agree that his charming and provocative approach captures your attention and sets your thought process in motion, with profound results.

Sundeep has invested a lot of time into his own personal and professional development over the years and this is displayed in his creative and knowledgeable approach to coaching and training.

It was personal, engaging, almost like therapy.  In depth, emotional, fun, worthwhile, challenging (outside my comfort zone), honest.

I would have liked another day to define before the presentation.

“Harry has been working at Channel 4 for a couple of months now. He is the perfect fit for our company. He is curious about the world, by how real people live their lives and what makes them tick and the tides of culture that are changing all our lives. He is fascinated by people which makes him perfect for what he does.

I would recommend Harry for both team and individual coaching work. We are currently working with Harry on public speaking sessions and are planning to use him for presentation skills training.

Harry is creative and delivers sessions that are tailored to the needs of the people who are attending. He has amazing listening skills which means he quickly gets to the root of the problem to work with the person.”


“I have worked with Harry for a number of years now. He is consistent and reliable as a coach or facilitator. What I like about Harry is that he will really listen to me and be inventive and think out side the box, and be creative. The result is he delivers workshops that land well with people.”

– From Linkedin

“Hands down, Harry’s method is the best – 8 hours well spent. I went to his Personal Presentation course a month ago and my colleagues and I are still talking about it. If we could go again, we would. Thoroughly enjoyed the day, it was interactive and educational.

Be prepared to participate, get involved and have fun.”

“Harry’s session was such fun and the power of provocative coaching finally clicked!”