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Level 3 Personal Trainer, CYQ Central YMCA Qualifications
Level 2 Gym Instructor, CYQ Central YMCA Qualifications
NLP Trainer, Sue Knight Books & Talks
Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, BA Hons, Graphic Design

Graham Bower

Written by Graham, (oddly in the 3rd person):

For many years, Graham toiled away happily as a creative director in the advertising industry. A bit like that bloke from Mad Men.* After serving as a board director at WPP direct marketing agency RMG Black Cat, he went on to found his own award winning creative agency, Polymath.

When he was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, Graham found that NLP techniques helped him to cope with treatment, and his interest grew from there. He went on study NLP with Sue Knight and became a qualified NLP trainer.

A fitness fanatic, Graham is also a certified Level 3 personal trainer, so don’t expect to get away with sitting down all day in one of his workshops. As a hobby project, he co-created Reps & Sets, a fitness app for iPhone, which went on to become a best seller in 37 countries.

For fun, Graham runs marathons, watches American Football and attends Life Drawing classes. He’s also super-handsome* and has a rockin’ sense of humour*.

Graham is always modest*, never tells lies* and loves to talk about himself in the third person.

* When Graham tells lies, he always marks them with an asterisk.

What other people say

Have you seen my ab’s? – Graham

Seriously, they’re like a washboard – Graham

Just sayin’, I can squeeze lemons with them. – Graham (again)


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