Flirting skills… You’re kidding, right?

Ignite Flirting With Success

No. We’re really not. Many of the skills we deploy in our private lives are invaluable, if only we’d use them professional realm.

What skills?

Rapport building. Finding the quickest way to cut through the crap and find out what someone values, what they believe, and what they’re looking for. Interesting questions. Good stories. An open heart and a warm (if somewhat cheeky) smile.

Influence and persuasion.  When you’re out at the bar what are the things, that made you most likely to want to buy someone a drink or spend your precious evening talking to them? Aligned beliefs, a delicate balance of give and take, confidence and clarity. A lot of it comes down to someone’s presence.

Flirting successfully in business improves your relationships, increases your influence, and it leads to more sales (if that’s what you’re interested in).


This programme is designed to highlight and improve those skills, so participants have an opportunity to develop an awareness of how they walk, talk and interact with people; so they can get more stuff done, with more smiling and less moaning; leaving time for the more pleasurable things in life.

We will develop your style, so that when you engage people, you attract their attention and arouse in them a healthy respect for you.


Ignite Flirting With Success

This is a very active workshop for those who strive for excellence in every area of their lives. These workshops are highly varied, engaging, and tailored to the needs of whoever is there on the day. Be willing to get involved try stuff out; experiment and perhaps even reinvent yourself.

Participants will find a wide application for theses skills, in negotiation and general interpersonal presence, it will develop confidence through self-awareness and challenging unhelpful patterns in their own lives and that of those around them; and also greatly improve their perceptiveness with other people. They will be more self-aware, fun, outgoing; willing to seek out challenges and try new things.

For the list lovers:

We’ll develop your flirting skills in three main areas

  • Physically
    • Walking the walk – Becoming aware of how you currently walk, stand, and sit; and developing a new way of being that fits your desired self-image
    • The eyes have it – Developing the courage to create and maintain eye contact, and how to be cheeky with it
    • The physical touch – Shaking hands, whispering at necks: When not enough is just right
  • Verbally
    • Speaking from the gut: Getting someone’s attention and holding it with a captivating voice
    • Questions and challenges: Learn all you need to know about them, and use humour to challenge them and set a standard for them to live up to.
    • The art of Inception – Using persuasion and embedded commands and hypnotic language to put an idea in someone’s head
  • Mentally
    • Shifting your mindset from “I’m sorry” to “You’re welcome”
    • Outcome-oriented thinking (it’s about the journey, but it’s also about where you’re going)
    • Feeling comfortable in the skin you’re in