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Ignite are a training and development consultancy, running workshops, leadership programmes and coaching to improve how your people communicate, persuade, and lead.

We deliver the knowledge, skills, confidence, and above all; we create experiences that will push your people to perform.
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Always Learning

This intensive program will take the cream of your crop, your best salespeople, your best account managers, your strongest leader, your most accomplished programmer, and turn them into trainers. They’ll be learning from the best. You.

Always learning

Speaking excellence

We won’t turn you into a slick, professional presenter, we will help you feel relaxed, interesting and engaging – as you. You’ll learn by doing, and you’ll become more persuasive, charismatic, and authentic while you’re at it.

Speaking excellence

Taster sessions

Want a taste, but not sure if we’ll fit, or if you’ve got the budget? Take away the risk and pressure, talk to us. If we like who you are and what you’re trying to achieve, we’ll come in and run a session so you can see how we work with your people.

Taster sessions

The perfect fit for our company…

Telegraph Media Group and Channel 4

Speak for yourself, The book

Wish you were a raconteur? Or a brilliant public speaker? Maybe you want to be more confident, clever, persuasive or provocative in everyday conversations. Our very own Harry Key has written a book on speaking to impress, influence and making an impact.

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Be yourself

Just be yourself. That's advice you hear all the time isn't it? But what if the 'yourself' that stands in front of a group of people to speak is so nervous, you spend most of the time in the toilet thinking…

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